Saturday 20th February. Kingston Town Hall, Moorabbin

This competition is uniquely different! Spectators are FREE … that’s right, anyone can come and see you dance, no charge, zero, zip … However, Covid19 restrictions are in place and seating will be limited. Social Distancing is required between family groups. There will also be a ‘Covid Station’ at the front door where you will register, same as you would for a restaurant. All events are conducted as a single dance and a flat fee of $5 per dance will apply. Teacher/Student, Recreational, Under 16 and Amateur events, everyone is equal. Do one event or all it is entirly up to you! Lastly we are asking you to nominate your Coach. DanceSport Australia values its Accredited Coaches who drive our sport forward and we want to thank them.


Kickstart 2021 is a DanceSport Victoria (DSV) initiative to encourage all Victorian dancers to kick off the 2021 dance season. After what has been a challenging 2020, DSV hopes the event will energise new and existing members and create momentum for the 2021 competitive season. 

Kickstart 2021 includes two separate workshop days covering a range of DanceSport related topics, as well as a ‘practice wear only’ competition open to all ages and experience levels. The first of the lecture days, to be held on Saturday, 30 January 2021, will cover subjects such as nutrition, Sports Psychology, body strength and conditioning, and image design. The second of the lecture days – content for which was decided by the DSV members after a recent member survey was sent out – will be held on Saturday, 13 February 2021.

It was very exciting to give our members the opportunity to have their say in what they would like to see at this event. There will be a number of workshops throughout the day, covering all three styles. Conducted by some of our highly skilled and qualified local coaches and adjudicators, these will be very insightful and informative. Both lecture days will be followed by a supervised practice class open to all (Covid restrictions to apply).

The final event in the Kickstart 2021 program is a ‘practice wear only’ competition on Saturday, 20 February 2021. Encouraging inclusivity and ongoing development, the competition will exclusively offer single dance events for all styles and grades in Juvenile/Junior, Under 21, Adult and Masters. After not being able to compete throughout 2020, DSV felt this was a great opportunity to kickstart the 2021 competition calendar. To provide maximum value to members, DSV offering all 2020 financial members free attendance at the lecture days. Discounts will be offered for 2021 financial members provided their registration is finalised by the first day of the attendance. Non-members are also able to attend at a minimum cost.

DSV are very excited about this new initiative and can’t wait to Kickstart 2021 for its members.